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Capturing perfectly imperfect moments is what drove me to first pick up a camera, but human connection is what has kept me inspired all these years. I believe I was put on this Earth to notice and document those moments that tell your story.

Life is a series of fleeting moments, but the memories we create are everlasting

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q1. Which New Girl character are you?

I am a mix of CeCe and Winston with a splash of Jess! If you are a fan, you understand why that makes sense.

Q2.  What's your go-to dance move at weddings ?

I just scream-sing and hop around. Or slow dance with my camera... but no matter what I will be moving somehow! I love to dance with my couples!

Q3.  What's your spirit animal, and why is it a perfect match ?

Have you ever seen the meme of that baby pig selfie? (if you haven't, ask me to show you) That is me. That's how I take selfies. Also, I just love pigs and that they love to eat and sleep.

Q4.  what's your go-to karaoke song?

Anything HSM!!! Fun fact: I've never done actual legit karaoke before though. I really want to! Let's go together after our shoot!

hotography has been my lifelong passion and calling.


I’ve always seen beauty everywhere, even where others might not take a second glance. As a little girl, I would pick bouquets of dandelions and leaves and collect pockets full of rocks I thought were pretty. As I got older, I continued to find the simple, wild, natural beauty to be the most inspiring kind. The Japanese have a word for it - wabi sabi - which roughly translates to an aesthetic of appreciating beauty that is imperfect and impermanent in nature.

My journey as a photographer has taken me to breathtaking landscapes, intimate celebrations, and heartwarming encounters, each leaving a lasting mark on my artistic vision. Through my work, I try to evoke emotions, ignite curiosity, and celebrate the beauty of life in its purest form. Telling your story in a way that can't be said with words.


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